Social Grilling

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Meet Up & Meat Up at McNamara’s Social Grilling Experience

McNamara’s brings you the age-old BBQ tradition and happy hours with a modern and social twist.

We always believed that outdoor barbecue should be fun for everyone. We have always felt bad for the grill master, standing in a corner to grill food, taking sips of wine while everyone else gets to enjoy the hot food. And with scattered garden furniture, even the whole group does not eat together at the table.

As always, we wanted to provide a premium BBQ experience to our customers where grilling and socializing goes hand in hand and where no one has to stand in the corner. With social grilling, we want to reignite not just the grills, but warm bonding between family and friends.

Therefore, McNamara’s is offering a unique social grilling experience on its state-of-the-art Angara grill that comes with practicality at its best and a stunning modern design. Our social grilling experience is for everyone who loves barbecue, loves gettogethers, and love socializing. With its modern design matching to McNamara’s own grandeur, this interactive table makes your guests put away their interactive phones just to enjoy the time filled with the appetizing smell of smoke and warm conversation.

What makes McNamara’s social grilling experience even better?

It is a BBQ without hassle! There is no 100-item grocery list which require none less than 10 trips to super store. There is no need to make those hefty arrangements that leave you drained even before guests arrive. Absolutely no need to go through recipes or the ordeal of marination.

When you feel like throwing a Barbecue party and make it the ‘talk of the town’, reserve our specially designed Angara grill. Come to McNamara’s, gather around our high-end grilling table with your guests, pick up your tongs, and you are good to grill your favorite barbecue items.

A complete barbecue party with everyone on the same table.

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Grill your Food; Own Your Food

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